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Love's Illusions ~ Now Available on Audio!

I’m TOTALLY excited to announce that Love’s Illusions is now available for you to purchase as an audio book! Yep, it’s only $1.99 when you buy the book itself – then you can go back and forth between reading and listening – one of my favorite things to do!

Hilarie Mukavitz, the same person that did the first chapter that you can play for free on this site, did the whole book. I felt really lucky to be able to get her for the narration as she is incredibly talented. And besides, 80% of you said she sounded like Jackie should sound.

Producing an audio book adds yet another whole layer of complexity. When I read my own work I know which words to emphasize. Words sound different when you’re reading them in your head. Then when someone actually speaks those words, every little breath they take, every pause, every tonality change, starts to take on new meaning. Did I really want to sound … like that? Should there be a longer pause? Does the underlying meaning of the scene come across the way I want it to?

I have a whole new respect for anyone who can narrate a book. Think about it, they are giving life to ALL the parts. Female and male and multiple characters too. Thank you Hilarie – you’re great!

Here’s the link to get the audible version. Love’s Illusions Audio Book

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