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Love's Journey

When life intervenes, can Jackie really give love a second chance?


Nothing in Jackie Moretti’s young life has gone as planned. The fairy  tale existence she believed in had fallen apart. Her husband’s hidden  impulses and lies caused their marriage to crumble. And even her new  relationship with sexy bad boy, Michael Nowak seems to have expired. Or  has it?


Michael’s California drug operation is bringing in the coin, but  without Jackie, his life feels empty. When a tragic event brings him  back to Chicago, he has a choice to make: keep letting life throw him in  the same direction or take things into his own hands.


As Jackie and Michael reunite, old wounds and new complications could  make their heartbreak even more devastating than the first time around.  Unless a new friend and an old lover can set them on the path of a new  life together…

Love’s Journey is the second installment in a series of  women’s fiction historical novels with a touch of romance. If you like  deep love stories set in the 1970s with complex characters, then you’ll love Jolene Cazzola’s continuing saga.



Michael and I had been talking for  hours. The more we talked, the more my anger dissipated, but it wasn't  gone. I tried to explain my feelings as rationally as possible — none of  it was easy to say, or hear, but he listened. He knew trusting him  again would be difficult, one of the hardest things I'd ever done, but  he was determined to prove to me that I could. He said he understood how  scared I was of being hurt again, that it frightened him too, but he  was positive about how he felt. He loved me, wanted me in his life, no  matter what. He asked if I still loved him — I said “I think so,” but I  was afraid love alone wouldn't be enough, things weren't that simple  anymore. I tried to explain how complicated and twisted my mind had  become, about the voice in my head that kept warning me to stay away, to  run. How it was that voice I heard in the dining room this morning  causing me to sprint away, how I didn't know if I had the strength to  tame that voice. 


Keeping it in check took everything I had, and some extremely caring  and attentive friends, so I didn't crawl into bed and not get back out —  how I was trying to accept the word “depression” as being part of me  without being owned by it.


I told him about my overwhelming desire, how I wanted him to make  love to me like he used to, how much I wanted his body against mine, but  how letting things happen, letting myself feel that strongly again was  more than I thought I could survive if... if life ever pulled us in  different directions again. I told him I still wanted to believe in  romance, in love, the way it was in fairy tales, happily ever after, but  with everything that happened over the past three years, not only with  him, but with Stephen too, how could I believe anymore? I told him that  the remains of my heart, the part that still had hope, had died that day  in his driveway, and I wasn't sure it would ever be revived. He held  me, he kissed me, we mourned together, he said he still wanted to be “my  knight in shining armor”; then we fell asleep from sheer emotional  exhaustion.

Review - Book Viral

Alluring,  but above all entertaining. Love’s Journey is the second release in the  Love’s Illusion series by Jolene Cazzola  Some novels keep you  guessing, some make you care deeply about the characters, once in a  while a book comes along that delivers on both counts.  With intriguing  sub currents Cazzola creates characters’ who have lives of their own,  who don't exist simply at the convenience of the plot and always feel  wholly congruent with her seventies Chicago setting which she captures  in subtly nuanced dialogue and acerbic observation. At the center of her  narrative is the repartee between Jackie and Michael. Suffice to say  they have obstacles to overcome. Most romance novels begin as a given;  we know from the first chapter who will be together when the last page  is turned, but Cazzola keeps us guessing. Taking the form and feel of a  romantic thriller she makes us care about her protagonists and because  we can’t help liking them their relationship transcends all of the plots  twist and turns to take on an importance of its own.  

A multi layered and intelligent novel which will quickly draw you in,  Love's Journey proves a welcome  addition to the Love's Illusion  series. Raising the bar for future releases in Jolene Cazzola's  continuing saga, it is highly recommended.

Review - Dianne Bylo on Tome Tender Book Blog wrote

Life  has gone on for Jackie, she has set some goals and followed through,  but the cost may have been too high as she returns to Chicago and a life  filled with Michael and lasting love. What she discovers when she  arrives after a long drive from back East, becomes a living nightmare  when she opens their new apartment door to a note that would rock her to  her knees.

Michael’s trip to the West Coast was profitable, if illegal, but  their plan was to get back together and move forward. Without a hint  during their many phone calls, planning their future, Michael has dealt  Jackie the ultimate betrayal, worse than her ex-husband and everyone she  cared about knew but her. Like a rudderless boat caught in an ocean  squall, Jackie must once again, pick up the shattered remains of her  life, alone, not trusting in anyone or anything that would involve her  heart. Just when her transformation is almost complete, Michael returns  to take her to the brink of insanity or the heights of heaven, but does  he deserve another chance? Has Jackie finally learned to stand on her  own and make her own decisions based on what is best for her?

Jolene Cazzola’s Love’s Journey tale is one of drugs, bad decisions,  deceit and heartbreak, leading to the rebuilding of her main character,  who still seems to make bad choices. Jackie has matured, but still needs  her crutches. Michael, well, a drug dealer is human, I know, but his  deceit is for me would be beyond unforgivable. The fact that Ms. Cazzola  could evoke such passionate opinions from me proves she knows how to  draw her readers in with dark and edgy hooks and great writing.

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